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Children's Yoga

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Yoga Seeds Childrens Yoga Kids Yoga Clas

More than ever before yoga is needed in the world!  

The best time to start your practice is as soon as possible.

Give your children the tools to manage their lives with

 self- confidence, self awareness,

inner strength, resilience and joy.

Now is  the time to introduce your child to the benefits of yoga.

Each class includes

asana (postures) taught in the

form of fun,  entertaining stories,

 breathing techniques,

creative games, relaxation/yoga nidra.

Physical Benefits 

 balance, hand-eye co-ordination,

flexibility, strength, body awareness


Emotional Benefits 

This child focused practice develops

 calm mind, aid relaxation,

enable your child new ways to deal with stressful situations

  and aid restful sleep.

Online Childrens Yoga

Ages 4-8

Weekly Sessions 

Book for 4 sessions £25

Mondays 4.30pm

Book by bacs

Ms C. Eaton

Ac No: 10002268

Sort Code: 11-11-92

One paid you will receive zoom password

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