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Yoga Goddess Creative Workshops

Combining Yoga

with Creative Arts

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I began this collaboration this year, inspired by wanting to spend time with my daughter during lockdown.  I wanted to connect with her, not only with a yoga practice

but also with a fun, creativity.

 Celebrating the seasons, equinoxes and turning wheel of the year. Connecting with Pagan Celebrations such as Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane. These workshops have become attuned to the Shakti female energy within each of us and connecting to the divine feminine Goddess Energy.

90 mins workshop begins with yoga for all abilities including seated yoga.

Followed by relaxation and visualisation and then 45mins of creative play, using clay.  Learn the stories of many Goddesses in this nurturing, inclusive,

empowering circle.

Upcoming Workshop

20 March, Vernal Equinox

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Previous Workshop

Imbolc, 13th February

Sold Out 

Goddess Imbolc Workshop Yoga & Clay Work

Reviews from  this Workshop

. "Thank you so much Clare and Maddie, for your wonderful, engaging workshop - it was fantastic and my daughter and I both loved it!

Such a wonderfully relaxing and nourishing way to spend what would otherwise have been another dreary Saturday afternoon in lockdown.

We felt soooo relaxed from the yoga and the visualisation - in the perfect state afterwards to be creative and make our clay totems - and it was lovely to see everyone elses amazing goddesses at the end.

Can't wait for the next one!"

Thank you Lisa


“Wow what a fantastic inclusive and fun workshop. Yoga, relaxation and creativity all rolled into one. Such a great opportunity to spend some time just being. No pressure, no competition just bonding with like minded souls.” Chaun & Thea

"The workshop with Clare and Maddie was a wonderful afternoon of creating and serenity. Working with the energies that are present right now and really connecting to womanhood. Thankyou" Gabby

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